Services / Capabilities


Our philosophy at Nu-Tran is to make business with us as easy as possible for you, the customer! We are able to assist our clients in creating eye catching designs in various industries. From high-end furniture to custom storage solutions, we collaborate with our clients to create the ideal products for the needs of the end user. Our diverse manufacturing process allow us to provide our clients with a few crafted components, or to mass producing pieces that need to be laminated, cut to size, routed, edge banded, or simply CNC machined a few holes. Our cost-effective ability to mass produce yet still maintain the flexibility to make a single custom piece without interruption equals an extremely affordable price! Our “one stop” processing saves our clients both time and money. We also offer free logistic planning to your facility or directly drop ship to you customer.

Automate Lamination Line

Our Automated Lamination Line allows us to effectively laminate sheets ranging from 2’x2’ up to 5’x12’. We encompass the ability to quickly change sizes and projects which decreases cost and time. At Nu-Tran we believe in being environmentally friendly. This is why we exclusively use a high quality water based glue, that dries within a couple of hours, not days!

CNC Panel Saw/Slider Saw

Our Panel Saw is capable of cutting multiple sheets up to 12’ long at once into desired sizes with accuracy and precision. Our optimization program allows us to generate cutting diagrams that make the most use of material in order to limit waste percentage and quickly calculate how much material is required for the project. This allows us to manufacture custom size pieces in a quick and timely manner. We are also able to perform more difficult cuts such as angled cuts on our innovative Slider Saw.

CNC Router

Our CNC is capable of both routing and drilling! We are able nest multiple parts from a full size sheet that are consistent and accurate with the versatility to work with several different materials.

CNC Point-to-Point Machine Centers

Our versatile CNC machining centers are capable of routing, horizontal and vertical drilling, and grooving specific outlines on all dimensions. The pod and rail system allows us to quickly change set ups in order to accommodate any project. We assure precise cuts and accurate repeatable patterns!

CNC Edge Banders

Our straight-line-edge-banders and contour work-cells are capable of edge banding any sized length, straight or curved! The high capacity edge-banders allow us to output an increased volume of edging regardless of thickness or material. We assure a pristine finishing with a high quality seam between the banding and product.

Assembly Case Clamp

Our multiple zoned Case Clamp gives us the ability to quickly assemble and thoroughly inspect several different sized cabinets at once to ensure that flaws are kept to a minimum.