Our Company

Nu-Tran was founded in May 2009 and is a leading OEM manufacturer. Our company has an astounding reputation for manufacturing furniture and versatile storage solutions to a broad spectrum of industries. We offer bold new design ideas and deliver high quality products at extremely affordable prices. At Nu-Tran, we have built this reputation by taking on projects that most OEM companies turn down due to the complexity of the project or custom designs requests.

Custom Solutions!

We have the experience and unique manufacturing techniques to meet the custom needs of any project no matter how complex. We have devised many solutions for various companies. An example of how we handled custom and complex projects can be found in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. In 2009, economic downturn and oversea conflicts had caused gas prices to skyrocket. This resulted in a sales plummet within the RV industry. RVs weighed so much because to their bulky nature, thus less and less people were able to afford them. Nu-Tran designed a solution that would reduce the weight of the RV by 50% and implemented water resistant and fire rated materials. The new modern style designs attracted more people towards the industry and transformed the way RV manufacturing is done.


The endless options that Nu-Tran offers will benefit any industry. We offer various combinations of materials, colors, designs and finishes to complete any type of project. Our innovative lightweight designs attracted the attention of many companies within the office furniture industry. The unique construction of our lightweight material decreased transportation shipping cost by up to 50% and allowed for safer handling while maintaining strong structural integrity. Our numerous designs and styles are a fit for any office environment.

Always room for Improvement!

At Nu-Tran, we are a firm believer that there is ALWAYS room for improvement whether it's: manufacturing process, cost reduction, customer service, lead time, environmental awareness, or versatile designs and styles. We differentiate ourselves from other OEM manufactures by always finding solutions to improve product functions and offer free design consultations on how you can improve your projects. We have collaborated with various companies within different industries to improve products. Take for example healthcare storage. Our expertise in manufacturing, designing, and drive for improvement allowed the creation of new and modern versatile storage units that better accommodate the needs of doctors and nurses within healthcare facilities.

At Nu-Tran we value the commitments of our clients. This is why we pledge our best to fulfill our beliefs below.

Customer Service

We believe the key factor to success is customer satisfaction. We ensure 100% satisfaction by responding to our customer’s questions promptly, preparing quotes quickly, and processing orders in a timely fashion. Our lead time is best in the industry so check us out today! "The best sales are keeping the ones we already have!"


Our management team has over 25 years of experience in their respective field of customer service, designing, engineering, and production. Our expertise allows us to provide a variety of products and material solutions for many different industries.


Our production staff and quality assurance members are knowledgeable in the areas of industrial standards and its process. For example, at each stage of production we inspect the first piece and last piece as well as at regular intervals in between. This process reassures that the product meets the customer's specifications. We take pride in every item we produce! Our products and services are backed up from 1 to 5 years warranty to be free from defects in material or workmanship. (*Warranty depends on specifics of products/services.)


Our fine tuned manufacturing techniques are cost efficient and waste limiting. This saves both time and money. Our lightweight materials that may reduce shipping cost by up to 50%. We also offer an extremely affordable rate for machining time!