Industries Served


At Nu-Tran, we believe that no project is too big nor too small. This is why we serve a broad spectrum of industries from small “mom and pop” shops to large corporation projects. Here are a few examples of products and industries we serve. Call us now to solve all your storage and furniture needs!

Office Furniture

We can assist our clients in creating eye catching office furniture. We can design high end office desks, file storage units or complete custom work stations. By using a collaborative method, we make it possible to create the ideal environment for work and meetings!

Healthcare Storage

We are capable of manufacturing a wide range of layouts from stationary to mobile storage systems, allowing our clients to devise ultimate medical unit. From small physician offices to big name hospitals, we are capable of aiding our clients in producing OEM components and units regardless of quantity or type.

RV Storage

Nu-Tran is an OEM supplier of RV storage parts. We can help our clients mass produce certain pieces or even entire sets. We provide ingenious resources for all sizes of RVs. This makes designing units a breeze and it will surely leave the end user satisfied.

Home Storage Systems

Nu-Tran is a low cost OEM supplier of storage systems parts and components for houses, condominiums, or even apartments. We provide a variety of materials for our clients to draw up the perfect blueprint for their project. No apartment is too small and no home is too big!

Institutional Furniture

We can help construct innovative and exciting designs that would be a great fit at any institution. We can customize a variety of desks for classrooms or study cubicles for libraries. Whether it be a small elementary school or an enormous college university project, Nu-Tran is a premium OEM supplier for any institution!

Store Fixtures

We are able to engineer custom layouts for display cases or stations ranging from restaurants to convenient stores. We offer the ability to machine single sets of fixtures or to produce multiple sets of various sizes for any setting, based on the client’s project.

Custom Work

Let us help you produce exactly what your customers are looking for regardless of the project being too oddly shaped or sized. We are a versatile OEM supplier and "If you can dream it, we can make it!"


Our cost-effective ability to mass produce any number of components equals an extremely affordable price! We assure precise cuts and accurate repeatable patterns!